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Бафф Memory

Бафф Memory

The best gift for a loved one is the stylish Memory buff. After all, wherever you are, an exquisite accessory will always remind you! The dressing has a modern, bright design, complemented by original inscriptions.

Stock: Fleece Polar, microfiber (100% polyester)
Size: 85×24 см
Color: blue, black
$ 52
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Every year, buffs are becoming increasingly popular among modern women and men, as well as youth. And this is not surprising, since in addition to high functionality, practicality and convenience, buffs are distinguished by their original design. That is why a properly selected buff will become a true friend for many years. Stylish multifunctional dressings from the Ukrainian manufacturer 5000 Miles are of high quality, reliability, versatility and reasonable prices.

Key Features of Memory Buff

The fashionable Memory buff is an ideal choice for guys and girls who follow fashion, while at the same time highly value convenience and comfort. Thanks to the outer layer made of high-quality microfiber, the product reliably protects from the weather, and also allows the skin to breathe. The inner layer of fleece will not freeze even in severe frost.

A bold combination of blue and black colors, as well as the original pattern of the Winter Memory buff, will allow the owner to show his personality. The use of synthetic materials for the manufacture of buff allows you to easily keep it clean, and also significantly extends the service life. If necessary, the buff should be washed manually in warm water, as well as dried in natural conditions.

Why do active people choose winter buffs?

Warm stylish winter buff is the best accessory for city walks, travel and everyday life. In addition, it is simply indispensable during cycling, skateboarding, snowboarding and roller skating, as well as sports training on the street in the cold season. The universal size allows you to wear the product as teenagers, men and women.

Thanks to its high elasticity and buff, you can safely wear it instead of hats, scarves, bandanas, headbands, balaclavas. Thanks to the compact size when folded, the buff fits easily in a bag, pocket of a backpack or jacket.