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Бафф Stalker

Бафф Stalker

The original design of the Stalker buff is inspired by the Ukrainian game of the same name. It will be a great gift for a friend or beloved man, as it can be used in many ways, like a bandana, bandage, face mask or wristband. He will become a faithful assistant and friend to every man who leads an active lifestyle!

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: orange, black
$ 40
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Today buffs are an indispensable accessory in the wardrobe of every modern young man or girl. And the point is not that it perfectly complements any image, allows you to emphasize your personality. First of all, the buff is extremely convenient to use, because it can be worn in various ways: instead of a scarf, bandanas, comforter, balaclava, headbands, scarfs, face masks. And if you don’t need it at the moment, you can always put it on your hand, instead of a wristband, tie a stylish tail with it or put it in your pocket.

Buffs 5000 Miles - it is always a stylish design, high quality at a reasonable price.

Dressing Benefits

Stylish buff from the Ukrainian manufacturer has many visible advantages:

  • use of high quality materials;
  • microfiber allows the skin to breathe, removes moisture outside;
  • the product has no seams, therefore it is comfortable to use;
  • unique, stylish design;
  • universal size;
  • functionality;
  • compact sizes;
  • light weight.

The buff is easy to keep clean, for this it is enough to wash it in cold or warm water with the addition of detergents. It dries very quickly in the open air.

Where can I buy Stalker Buff?

In our online store you can buy a buff from a Ukrainian manufacturer at a bargain price. Multifunctional dressings are presented in one size, which is suitable for men and women. Most buff models have a modern, universal design.

The buff Stalker  is simply not replaceable during hiking, gymnastics, morning jogging, on vacation and while riding a bicycle, skateboard, roller skate. It can always be carried with you in the pocket of a bag, backpack or jar.

Buff will be the best purchase for yourself and a great gift for a friend, brother or spouse!