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Бафф Summer Rainbow

Бафф Summer Rainbow

What could be better in the summer heat than the opportunity to hide from the scorching sun? The fashionable Summer Rainbow Buff is a reliable protection against sun rays, gusts of wind and dust. Thanks to the juicy green color, creative design, the buff gives a feeling of lightness, freshness and coolness of the mixed forest.

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: gray, light green, yellow
$ 40
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Since the appearance on the Ukrainian market, buffs have been in constant demand among active people, athletes, extreme sportsmen and fashionistas. And this is not surprising, because a small, lightweight buff takes up little space in the wardrobe and is able to replace several head and neck accessories. On the shelves of stores today a large selection of buffs of foreign production is presented, however, the accessories of Ukrainian production are most popular. In our online store Joyfactory a huge assortment of buffs is presented, characterized by high quality, reliability and favorable price.

Buff - a stylish complement to the image

Buffs have earned the respect and love of modern men and women due to their simple and comfortable use and unassuming care. The same accessory can be worn in several different ways: a hat, a scarf, a scarf, a balaclava, a bandana, a mask, a headband, a comforter or face protection.

In addition, the buff Summer Rainbow can be worn as a wristband on the arm or simply tie a tail around it. Products are made of high-quality synthetic material - microfiber, which allows the skin to breathe, provides optimal ventilation and removes excess moisture. In order for the accessory to look perfect and not have an unpleasant smell of sweat from an active workout, jogging or cycling, it is enough to wash it in warm water and dry it in the fresh air.

Who should buy a buff?

You can buy the Summer Rainbow buff at a reasonable price at any convenient time on the website through the basket, or by calling. Delivery is carried out by courier in Kiev, or sent by transport companies to any city in Ukraine.

Modern summer buffs provide comfort, ease and coziness wherever you are, at any time of the year and regardless of the weather.