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Бафф Faces

Бафф Faces

Buff Faces - a bright eccentric accessory, the perfect choice for young and extravagant people, guaranteed to provide the attention of others and comfort in any weather. Protects from the scorching rays of the sun, cold wind, rain.

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: gray
$ 40
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The summer buff in modern life has become an indispensable attribute of young people leading an active lifestyle. Its versatility was appreciated by lovers of outdoor activities, sports, travel, cycling, skateboarding. The bandage can easily transform into a light summer panama, hat, bandana, kerchief, mask, scarf. It will come in handy on summer vacations, on sultry city streets, in the gym, on camping trips, and will warm it in the autumn weather. If she is not needed at the moment, she easily hides in her pocket, handbag or dresses in the form of a wristband.

Buff Faces - Great Gift Option

The vivid image of three popular masks on a black background makes Buff Faces even more multifaceted, adding wearing options. A fashion accessory will become a spectacular element of a stylish image and a creative gift that will certainly please your friend, girlfriend or loved one. Versatility, versatility and practicality will make him a beloved and constant companion, able to protect against heat, cold and wind, replacing a number of useful things.

The Joyfactory online store presents a wide selection of domestic-made accessories, so each visitor will be able to choose a model according to their preferences quickly and inexpensively.

Buff Features

Fashionable multifunctional dressings have gained extraordinary popularity, as they have many advantages:

  • universality - performed in one size and suits people of different sizes and complexions, men and women;
  • comfort - microfiber used for manufacturing protects against heat, wind and cold, removes excess moisture well and provides breathing to the skin;
  • practicality - the material wears out a little, is easily erased, does not stretch and does not sit down quickly dries.