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Baff Mascot Red

Baff Mascot Red

The Mascot Red buff is an ornament inspired by the Arctic tribes. Did you know that they use more than 25 different words to denote snow and only one to denote tree species? They would have a lot of problems if they got into the Carpathian forests. Buff, which blows cool.

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: red, white, black
$ 40
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A sign of modern man has become an active lifestyle and commitment to comfortable, functional and stylish things - this applies to clothes, shoes, accessories. Therefore, buffs have gained incredible popularity among young people, sports and outdoor enthusiasts who keep up with fashion. Stylish design, originality of performance, and functionality makes it possible to use the buff in different versions. In the summer heat, he will protect from the sun instead of a panama and bandanas, on bike rides, riding a skateboard it will come in handy as a sports hat, comforter or scarf, and in sports it will become a convenient bandage.

Why buy a buff?

Buff is a recognized by many protection from the vagaries of nature of burning sun rays, autumn dank wind, a convenient accessory for sports, hiking, cycling, rollerblading, snowboarding. Multifunctionality allows you to use it in different forms and purposes.

Buff Mascot Red will add color and mood to the wardrobe of mobile and active men and women. The stylish and convenient accessory is made of microfiber, which perfectly passes air and allows the skin to breathe, absorbs moisture well and is easy to care for. Washing and drying are effortless and time consuming.

The main advantages of the buff

On the website of the Joyfactory online store you will find a wide range of fashionable and original buffs of domestic production at very affordable prices, which will make the purchase useful and enjoyable.

Main advantages:

  • original design in ethnic style;
  • bright saturated paints;
  • high quality of the material used;
  • lack of seams;
  • practicality - it is easily erased and dries quickly, is resistant to wear;
  • the ability to use in several different ways.

Buff Mascot Red with a bright rhythmic pattern in ethnic style is a great addition to the image of active and stylish men and women. It will become truly your talisman, replacing several necessary and stylish accessories at once.