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Buff Colorbar

Buff Colorbar

How to note your uniqueness? Buff Colorbar just created for the development of imagination and the ability to experiment with their outfits in any weather. He is very versatile and will allow himself to prove himself to a senior diplomat and curator of creative creative organizations, and just an office employee. Give him a new shape - the colorful accessory will do the rest for you.

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: black, blue
$ 40
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Haste is the main problem of the current progress, often even a very big fan of fashion for whole weeks can not allocate time to buy something from the clothes. But you shouldn’t make a problem out of it, because one bright buff will give you the opportunity to easily experiment with your appearance every day. In hot weather, he will save his head from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, and in the cloudy coolness will turn into a fashionable scarf.

Buying an exclusive summer buff at, you trust the real Ukrainian quality, which is recognized to be higher than that of European competitors. It goes well with bright colors of clothes or with a strict suit, in dull weather it will amuse passers-by, and if you tie it like a hat or bandana, it will protect you from the cool wind.

Buffs for various shades of mood

Summer buffs can be taken not only for walks, but also for long trips, trips to the club, fashion parties with friends. It is good for a light jacket or a tennis shirt, it will instantly change your mood, glow with a smile and show your friends openness to new achievements. Their main highlight is that the fiber, which is part of the product, is not particularly easily soiled, easily takes any shape attached to it. And from a regular man or woman, the happy owner turns into a reckless fashionista, without betraying his own views. Buffs stretch well and easily fold into different shapes, so their size is universal.

Benefits of Summer Buffs

Colored light buffs are:

  • unlimited opportunities for self-expression;
  • easily formed into any desired shape
  • does not fade after washing;
  • requires very little space in the bag;
  • Stylish coloring and universal size.

The accessory is universal not only in size, but also is unisex. It is a good companion for going to the gym, parties, and for business meetings.