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Light-grey 5000 Miles gloves

Light-grey 5000 Miles gloves

Winter is not far off, and you have not bought gloves yet? Don't despair 5000 Miles Light-gray gloves are exactly what you need! Soft, lightweight, they not only perfectly retain heat, but are also allowed to use fashionable gadgets even in cold weather!

Stock: 60% wool, 40% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: light-gray
$ 22
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Gloves, no doubt, are an indispensable accessory in the cold season! In order to always have a stylish appearance and at the same time feel comfortable, it is necessary to wear fashionable knitted gloves with you. Indeed, due to the optimal ratio of wool and acrylic in the yarn, the product perfectly warms frozen hands, and at the same time does not prick, does not cause irritation.

Advanced users of modern devices will undoubtedly appreciate this accessory. After all, they will be able to use a smartphone, tablet and smart watch even at low temperatures.

Gloves 5000 Miles Light-gray - a stylish complement to the image in the autumn-winter period

Gloves are made in the popular light gray color, which allows you to wear the accessory for both girls and boys. They are perfect for a down jacket, a stylish coat, leather and even a sports jacket.

The fingertips, which are actively used when working with the device, namely the large, index and medium, are made in white, which gives the design a highlight. The gloves are made in a single, universal size, they stretch perfectly, therefore they are suitable for both a fragile female palm and a male one.

The main advantages of gloves

Choosing a convenient and at the same time stylish accessory is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. However, in this model, the manufacturer took into account all the wishes of users.

Why you should buy 5000 Miles Light-gray gloves:

• great quality;

• original design;

• the ability to use touch devices;

• low price;

• do not cause allergies;

• easy to care for;

• dry quickly;

• perfectly keep heat.

You can buy gloves at an affordable price in the JoyFactory online store. Delivery within Kiev is carried out by courier, in Ukraine - by transport and postal services.