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Basic Juicy hat

Basic Juicy hat

Do you like bright colors and do not want to part with the summer? The Basic Juicy hat is exactly what you are looking for! It will warm you in inclement and frosty weather, and the bright and at the same time delicate color of a ripe peach will give a summer mood.

Stock: 50% wool, 50% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: peach
$ 32
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Hats accompany us most of the year. You can’t do without them in the fall in damp, dank weather, winter cold and early spring. But this is not only a useful, but also a fashion accessory. Knitted patterns do not go out of fashion for many seasons, only styles and colors change. A convenient and practical thing remains trending again.

Basic Juicy hat - gives warmth and good mood

The Basic Juicy hat fits perfectly into any youth wardrobe, it blends wonderfully with a stylish coat and other warm clothes. An interesting shape and cheerful coloring will bring new bright touches to the familiar image. And most importantly, a warm and cozy thing will give comfort in any weather. Hats 5000 Miles are beautiful, fashionable, high-quality and at the same time inexpensive accessories that will warm the owner and decorate his equipment

Thanks to the even elastic knitting, the Basic Juicy hat is made in one universal size and fits perfectly on the head. For production, yarn consisting of wool and acrylic in equal proportions was selected. This prevents the model from changing size and shape after washing and facilitates easy care. It also provides high heat-shielding qualities.

What is interesting about the Basic Juicy hat?

If you feel a lack of mood and positive emotions, you should buy a hat Basic Juicy. She will give warmth and a piece of summer mood.

Advantages of the model:

• fashionable style and color of ripe peach;

• elastic even knitting;

• universal size;

• does not lose shape and size after washing;

• perfectly warms even in frost;

• the fibers do not roll off from prolonged wear;

• nice affordable price.

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