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Flicker hat

Flicker hat

On cloudy winter days, what can cheer up better than a motley, fun hat? Flicker hat will be the highlight of everyday, festive attire.

Stock: 50% wool, 50% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: black
$ 32
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A warm winter hat is an integral part of the wardrobe. After all, it will help to avoid freezing in the autumn-winter period. However, the hat has long ceased to fulfill an exclusively practical function. Today - this is a stylish element of the outfit that allows you to experiment with images and show individuality.

Flicker hat is designed for creative people, fashion people and progressive youth. After all, it has a bright design, an original lapel and a stylish pompom.

The product is highly elastic, so it sits perfectly on the head. In addition, the cap provides good heat transfer: the outflow of heated and the influx of fresh air, removes excess moisture to the surface.

Warm, comfortable Flicker hat

The highlight of the Flicker knitted hat is an unusual color: a black background with colorful figures arranged randomly. The composition is complemented by a blue pompom and lapel, with the manufacturer's logo.

Thanks to the bright design, the hat goes well with sports and youth clothes, and also dilutes the classic outfit.

The product is crocheted of yarn consisting of half wool and half acrylic, which makes it perfectly warm even in severe frost. The cap is resistant to wear: it does not lash, does not shed, does not lose shape.

In addition, a knitted hat does not cause irritation, allergies.

Model Benefits

Buy a Flicker hat inexpensively, possibly at JoyFactory. Indeed, the assortment of our online store has a wide selection of accessories and hats.

Features of the model:

• fashionable design;

• universal size;

• good composition 50% wool and 50% acrylic;

• convenience and practicality;

• high-quality tailoring and materials;

• stylish pompom;

• suitable for any outerwear;

• acceptable price;

• perfectly warms in cold weather.

The 5000 Miles winter hat features a favorable ratio of high quality and affordable price.