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Hat Basic Sapphire

Hat Basic Sapphire

Forget about the cold and bad mood even on a gloomy autumn day! The Basic Sapphire hat will provide warmth and comfort in any weather. A bright sky blue color will dispel sadness, restore vigor and prevent it from getting lost in the crowd.

Stock: 50% wool, 50% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: blue
$ 32
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Caps are an indispensable attribute in the wardrobe of the autumn-winter period. They are worn by everyone regardless of age and gender. Bright and provocative will become an adornment of children's and youth equipment, pleasant restrained tones will fit into a classic and elegant style. Soft, warm knitted hats retain heat perfectly in cold windy weather and are comfortable to wear. Because for many seasons they continue to remain a fashion hit. Due to the variety of shapes, styles and colors, the accessory is easy to choose for any outerwear.

Basic Sapphire Hat - Create Comfort and Fashion

Bright youth hat Basic Sapphire will revive the wardrobe of any style and give comfort in any weather. Elastic knitting material quality allows to produce products in one universal size. The composition of the yarn includes wool and acrylic in different proportions, which makes the accessory warm, comfortable to wear and practical. Since the thing is easily erased, it does not change after that the size and shape. But the main thing is that it warms well in the cold and serves as a fashionable addition to clothes of any style.

What makes the Basic Sapphire hat popular?

The Basic Sapphire cap will help to make the image stylish and noticeable, it will warm and give comfort in bad weather. It goes well with any outerwear.

Advantages of the model:

• stylish design - fashionable shape and a pleasant blue color;
• quality - made from high quality yarn, which includes 50% wool and acrylic each;
• practicality - it is easy to maintain cleanliness; during washing it does not fade, does not change the size and shape;
• high heat-shielding qualities - perfectly warms in windy and frosty weather;
• elasticity - sits well on the head of any size.

So that warm clothes do not seem dull, you should add a little paint to the summer sky in your image - buy a Basic Sapphire hat. She will warm and cheer you and others.