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Buff Locator

Buff Locator

Buff Locator is a universal hat that will always protect its owner from bad weather, snow, wind, rain. It will warm in cold weather and will not let you catch a cold.

Stock: Fleece Polar, мікрофібра (поліестер - 100%)
Size: 85×24 см
Color: блакитний
$ 52
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Warm and comfortable winter buff is an ideal accessory for modern girls and guys. Thanks to its high functionality, the product is popular with active people and athletes. After all, one buff can be worn as a hat, comforter, bandana, headband, balaclava or scarf. Unlike imported accessories, buffs of the domestic manufacturer 5000 Miles are of high quality at a bargain price.

Locator - the best option for creative and active natures

The ideal choice for romantic and sophisticated personalities is the Locator buff, a delicately blue color with a unique pattern. Thanks to the stylish design, the buff is so popular among girls and teenagers, because due to the bright colors, the product attracts attention and raises the mood.

Buff is made of high quality modern materials that provide high comfort when using the product and durability:

  • microfiber provides protection against wind, cold and damp;
  • Fleece Polar warms well even at low temperatures.

To maintain the perfect appearance of the buff, you only need to wash the product in warm water with the addition of a detergent, and dry naturally.

Who needs a winter buff?

Despite the fact that buffs appeared in our country relatively recently, they quickly conquered the Ukrainian market. They are appreciated due to the fact that they have one universal size, are suitable for both women and men, and at the same time are very functional. Indeed, one accessory is able to replace several hats and neck accessories, which saves space in the closet and save the budget.

Winter buffs are necessary for active people who often go hiking, travel and play sports. They are indispensable in everyday life, as they provide comfort and warmth in any weather.