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Leaves Green belt bag

Leaves Green belt bag

Do you want to always look stylish and spectacular? A Leaves Green belt bag is just what you need - complete your wardrobe with a fashion accessory! It will help to make the image brighter and more interesting, and free from the need to always carry a bag or backpack.

Stock: Polyester
Size: 23 х 15 cm
Color: Green colour
$ 72
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In a modern fashion, practicality and comfort are preferred. This is reflected in the style of clothing, shoes, accessories. Therefore, a belt bag has not gone out of fashion for several years. Despite their compact size, they contain all the necessary trifles: a phone, money, bank cards, keys, and something else. This is convenient because your hands remain free for a morning run, walk, bike ride, anywhere where you do not need a bulk bag. They are appropriate in the wardrobe of any style, introducing a new sound into it.

Leaves Green Waist Bag is a stylish piece of fashion

Thanks to its shape and color, the Leaves Green belt bag is versatile. It goes well with clothes of different styles. Suitable for jeans, trousers, skirts, any length of cut, airy summer dresses. These handbags can be worn on the waist, hips and even on the shoulder. An adjustable belt helps secure it in a comfortable place. The accessory is made of their polyester, which provides light weight, strength and wear resistance. In the main compartment you can put the phone, money, lipstick, other little things. A carabiner is provided for the keys to find them without searching.

Advantages of a belt bag

To keep money, a smartphone, keys always with you and not burden your hands, it’s enough to buy a bag on the Leaves Green belt. This is a great opportunity to get rid of a backpack and bag.

Benefits of a can:

  • compact size and light weight;
  • frees hands;
  • Holds the necessary things, without which they do not leave the house;
  • made of durable wear-resistant material;
  • the adjustable belt reliably fixes the accessory in a convenient place;
  • stylish attractive design.

A Leaves Green belt bag is a stylish complement to the image and a convenient accessory.