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Hat Urban Ultramarine

Hat Urban Ultramarine

Own with the autumn depression, drive away the winter blues! The Urban Ultramarine hat will not only warm you in the cold, it will give you a magical mood! And the sky-blue color will not let you go unnoticed!

Stock: 50% wool, 50% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: ultramarine
$ 38
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Caps are perhaps one of the most popular accessories. Indeed, fashionable, high-quality hats will perfectly warm in cold and bad weather, help protect your head from the wind. In addition, they allow you to create a stylish, modern look.

The Urban Ultramarine hat from the Ukrainian manufacturer 5000 Miles is a stylish hat designed for youth, women and men. Thanks to the dense uniform knitting, it warms well in the cold season, even in cold weather. In addition, a knitted hat provides good thermoregulation, allowing the skin to breathe and removing excess moisture to the outside.

Urban Ultramarine - the perfect combination of style and comfort

A hat is not only a hat for a long time, it is primarily a fashion accessory that allows you to express yourself. Bright blue color harmonizes well with jackets, a coat of black, white, gray. In addition, due to its color, the hat perfectly raises the mood for both the owner and those around in inclement autumn weather.

The stylish hat has an elastic knit, due to which it has a universal size and fits perfectly on the head. The optimal combination of wool and acrylic in the material prevents the appearance of itching, irritation and discomfort.

Why buy an Urban Ultramarine hat

A bright, trendy Urban Ultramarine hat will be a great addition to your wardrobe. After all, it goes well with outerwear of any style, has compact dimensions.

Features of the model:

• universal size;

• neat smooth seams;

• high quality materials;

• modern design;

• company logo;

• easy to wash, dries quickly;

• perfectly in harmony with any outerwear;

• warms in cold windy weather, frost.

In order to buy a hat, you need to go to the JoyFactory online store, select the product in the catalog and fill out the order form.