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Urban Cherry hat

Urban Cherry hat

Autumn-winter bad weather spoils the mood and causes depression? Add more warmth and color to your life! The youthful Urban Cherry hat will warm you in a cold and bring a bright piece of summer with you! It will become a stylish addition to your equipment, it will give warmth and comfort to any weather.

Stock: 50% wool, 50% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: Urban Cherry
$ 38
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Caps are the most popular and irreplaceable part of each person’s wardrobe, regardless of age and gender. They protect our heads from cold and wind, give comfort in bad weather. Knitted hats have long gained popularity and are kept in fashion. They are comfortable and practical, designed for daily wear. A variety of styles, styles and colors makes them a stylish addition to the autumn and winter clothes of any style. Ukrainian brand 5000 Miles offers a wide range of fashionable quality and affordable accessories.

Hat Urban Cherry - for those who keep up with fashion

Cap Urban Cherry stylish youth thing the color of ripe cherries is perfect for outerwear of any style and will become a bright accent of the image. Spectacular appearance creates a beautiful smooth knitting and the use of quality materials. The combination of wool and acrylic gives the product high heat-shielding properties and elasticity. Because it is produced in one universal size, it is important that it does not change after washing. They are erased easily and quickly dry out, and long-term wear does not cause clumps.

Why you should buy Urban Cherry

If you like to stand out from the crowd, prefer bright colors and stylish things, then you should buy an Urban Cherry hat. It will warm and add new colors to the image.

Advantages of the model:

• stylish style and rich color;

• soft elastic structure;

• one universal size;

• reliably warms in any cold;

• easily erases and dries quickly;

• after washing, it does not stretch or sit;

• high quality material 50% wool and 50% acrylic.

Comfort and mood often depend on clothes, create a cosiness in cold weather with a trendy hat Urban Cherry.