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Olive Roll backpack

Olive Roll backpack

Is mobility and movement your style? Then take a backpack with you! It was created specifically for active guys and girls. The fashionable Olive Roll backpack will bring new notes to your look and help you take all the necessary things with you for a walk or trip, leaving your hands free.

Volume: 20 l

Accessories: YKK

Stock: polyester
Size: 30х43-13 sm
Color: olive
$ 157
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The backpack has firmly entered modern life. A practical and easy-to-wear accessory has become an alternative to hand-held bags. Today it is not only an element of sports equipment, but also a stylish part of a fashionable image. A variety of shapes and colors makes it possible to choose an accessory to the wardrobe of any style. Lightweight, affordable, comfortable to wear, they easily proved their worth in urban everyday life for walking, going to work, traveling. The backpack frees up your hands and allows you to take all the necessary things with you.

Olive Roll Backpack - An Elegant and Practical Accessory

The Olive Roll Backpack is an elegant design with sleek lines, a pleasant olive color, plus practicality and capacity. The outer and inner parts are made of polyester, which makes the product lightweight, durable and durable. Inside there is a soft and roomy compartment, which will fit the necessary things on the road, documents, and of course, a laptop. The necessary little things fit comfortably in the side pocket. The integrity of the cargo is protected by a reliable lock.

Why buy a fashionable backpack?

There are several good reasons for the desire to buy an Olive Roll backpack, and they are hidden in the features of the model.

The main advantages of the model:

• appearance - an attractive combination of elegant design and discreet olive color;

• reliability and wear resistance - these properties are given by high-quality and durable polyester;

• practicality - the material is easily kept clean;

• capacity - the main compartment for the necessary things, there is a laptop compartment and a pocket for small things;

• comfort - has light weight and wide adjustable straps;

Backpacks 5000 Miles is a stylish piece of fashionable equipment and your freedom of movement.