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Black Roll backpack

Black Roll backpack

Modern fashion is a combination of an active lifestyle and comfort. So, the backpacks remain in trend again. Stylish and practical Black Roll backpack will be an interesting addition to the familiar image. Keeping up with fashion is better with free hands and slim posture.

Volume: 20 l

Accessories: YKK

Stock: polyester
Size: 30х43-13 см
Color: black
$ 150
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No wonder the backpack has become an indispensable attribute of the fashionable wardrobe of boys and girls, older people and adolescents. After all, it is convenient and useful for posture, since the design of the accessory allows you to evenly distribute the weight of things taken with you behind your back. At the same time, the hands remain free and everyone looks more slender and fit. They are appropriate in everyday city life for shopping and walking, especially useful for long trips. Since you can take with you the right amount of things without pulling your hands out. A variety of shapes, colors and styles makes it possible to choose an accessory to any wardrobe.

Black Roll Backpack is the universal complement to any wardrobe.

The Black Roll backpack is designed in a classic style that complements the restrained black color. This makes it a universal complement to almost any equipment. Durable polyester gives the product wear resistance and light weight. In addition, the thing is well washed and dries quickly. Inside there is a large roomy and soft compartment. It can contain items of clothing, documents, a laptop, some of the food. The side pocket is designed for all the little things you need on the road.

Why choose a Black Roll backpack?

In order to feel comfortable on a walk and on a trip, you should buy a Black Roll backpack. This will allow you to take with you all the necessary things and travel with free hands.

Some of the benefits of a backpack:

• stylish design and discreet coloring;

• strength and wear resistance;

• high-quality fittings;

• comfortable and reliable adjustable shoulder straps;

• capacious main compartment;

• side pocket for keys, phone and other small items;

• affordable cost and high quality.

With backpacks of the Ukrainian brand 5000 Miles you will appreciate comfort and freedom of movement.