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Buff Ixtlan

Buff Ixtlan

Do you like bright colors and unique patterns? The Ixtlan Buff is exactly what you need! contrasting colors, bewitching patterns - all this gives the buff a unique charm and attractiveness. Such a stylish accessory will not let you be left without attention! It will dilute the classic restrained style, add extravagance to the everyday look and add a touch of coquetry to the evening outfit.

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: white, red, green
$ 40
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Just a few years ago, in the wardrobe of every Ukrainian there were hats and neck accessories designed for each season. Today it’s enough to have several models of summer and winter buffs in your closet to be fully armed in the heat and cold. After all, one multifunctional bandage can replace a number of summer and winter accessories, since the buff can be worn like a hat, bandana, mask, balaclava, headband, face and neck protection.

Everyone will find a buff in Joyfactory's assortment! The online store has a huge selection of accessories from the famous Ukrainian manufacturer 5000 Miles, characterized by consistently high quality at a reasonable price.

Ixtlan Buff Features

Lightweight and comfortable Ixtlan buff is made of modern microfiber, which brings out sweat and allows the skin to breathe, which ensures comfortable use. In addition, the product has no seams, so it has a long service life. After all, the buff is primarily intended to create the comfort of the owner, and only then does he play an image role.

Thanks to the unique appearance, the Ixtlan buff won the love of active girls and stylish guys. The main highlight is the skillful combination of multi-colored stripes, complemented by elegant, ornate patterns. That is why it allows you to combine different clothes, experiment and create unique images.

Benefits of Summer Buffs:

  • high functionality;
  • quality and reliability;
  • practicality;
  • long service life - does not tear, does not fade;
  • easy to keep clean;
  • compact sizes;
  • acceptable prices.

The Joyfactory online store offers a wide variety of accessories for every taste and budget. Here you can buy a high quality buff at a bargain price!