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Buff Tattoo

Buff Tattoo

Buff Tattoo - a stylish novelty from Ukrainian designers. This is an excellent choice for a purposeful person, sits well and always combines with both sports outfits and classic formal clothes. An ideal model for lovers of a contrasting combination of white and dark tones.

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: white, black
$ 40
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Appearance is not only a gift of nature, but also the ability to manage your own image, therefore, to any stylish outfit, it never hurts to buy a Tattoo buff. Its snow-white fiber is covered with a discreet pattern. This is a very practical thing - it comes in handy in light coolness instead of a hat or bandage, you can take it with you for a walk on skates or a bicycle. Buff looks good on both boys and girls, maybe instead of a balaclava or mask.

Create a new perception of yourself

Each person in society creates an impression. Therefore, a well-chosen handbag, cute headphones or an interesting summer buff is not some ordinary trifle, but a very memorable detail. Now from one small thing you can create a bandage on the throat, a pretty hat, a bandage on the face. A great birthday present for a girl, boyfriend, husband, son, as a unisex accessory is suitable for any height and for all ages. A light shade in combination with a dark medium-sized pattern looks good both with plain outfits and with bright outerwear.

Experiment every day

A bright summer day can signal friends about your mood every day. Tie it under the neck - and everyone will immediately notice the beauty of your neck. You can wear the buff as a bandage on your head, you can - as a mask, if you want to hide your face. Buffs for every taste from a real Ukrainian manufacturer can be ordered in the store

Buff Tattoo:

  • will become a constant companion both in the summer heat and in bad weather;
  • lends itself to washing and does not lose appearance for a long time;
  • made of elastic durable fiber;
  • does not close pores and allows skin to breathe;
  • fashionable attribute for any generation;
  • open klondike for improvisations and simple manipulations with the form.

Buff is an easy way to express your artistic approach to your wardrobe for a very modest amount.