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Buff Red North

Buff Red North

Do you value convenience and comfort the most? Sports or active lifestyle? Buff Red North - will help out in the heat and cold, in any situation. And thanks to the creative colors and original patterns, it will complement every casual or sporty look. This is a great solution for all occasions!

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: white, red
$ 40
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Buff is an invariable accessory of modern girls and guys. After all, it gives a feeling of comfort in absolutely any situation! Buff perfectly protects from sunshine, cold, wind gusts and dust. It can be used as a headband or wristband while playing sports, bandanas during a hike or mask when riding a bicycle, roller skate or skateboard. In addition, a multifunctional bandage is useful when traveling, walking around the city.

The summer buff is just a godsend for active people, fashionistas and athletes! In the online store everyone will find an accessory to their taste at an affordable price!

Buff Red North - style and comfort for every day

A great choice for those who want to always stay in the spotlight is the Red North buff. It has an original design - a unique combination of a white background and red ornaments. In addition, Norwegian motifs are always in fashion. Such an accessory is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of modern men and women.

Buff is easy to maintain in perfect condition - just wash in cold or warm water with the addition of washing powder and dry naturally.

Why buy a buff?

In comparison with other accessories, the buff has many advantages:

  • functionality - one buff can be used instead of a headdress, neck accessory and wristband;
  • convenience - it is easy to use, has no seams, therefore it does not cause discomfort when worn, does not rub;
  • practicality - has a compact size, fits easily in the pocket of a jacket, bag or backpack;
  • accessibility - has an affordable price;
  • quality - high-quality microfiber is used for manufacturing;
  • reliability - one buff is able to last a long period of time;
  • style - creative design.