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Buff Polylines Black

Buff Polylines Black

The best choice for connoisseurs of tradition, office workers and business centers at the Polylines Black buff! An elegant combination of aged dark gray and original black stripes give the classic accessory freshness and creativity. A modest and at the same time stylish scarf - the perfect solution for any occasion!

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: black
$ 40
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Today it is difficult to imagine a comfortable everyday life without stylish and convenient modern accessories. That is why buffs have not lost their popularity for several years, both among young people and active women and men. It is enough to have several different models of buffs in order to create new unique images every day, in any weather. In addition, stylish scarves allow you to combine various, sometimes incompatible wardrobe items.

Buffs 5000 Miles - fashion accessories from a domestic manufacturer. Compared with imported counterparts, Ukrainian-made products have an affordable price with consistently high quality.

Buff Polylines Black - a stylish choice for every day

Contrary to the popular belief that buffs are an invariable accessory of athletes and climbers, they are simply irreplaceable in everyday life, while walking around the city, traveling. The original Polylines Black buff will be a faithful companion for both serious business men and self-confident women.

A summer buff can be worn instead of a headband during training, morning jogging, like a hat in cool weather or like a scarf around your neck. In addition, if necessary, it can be worn on the wrist as a wristband, or a face mask during sports games and riding a bicycle, bike or skateboard.

Benefits of Summer Buffs

Every day, more and more active people and mods prefer summer buffs, as they have a number of advantages:

  • high functionality;
  • original design;
  • one, universal size;
  • high quality workmanship and materials;
  • wear resistance - does not fade, does not fade and does not cough up;
  • simple and comfortable use;
  • easy to wash and dries quickly;
  • reasonable prices.