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Buff Melange

Buff  Melange

Do you like to follow in all fashion and even at work have your own unique style? Buff Melange is a delicate yet solid accessory. It will allow you to experiment with the appearance even under the condition of a dress code. Every day you can express your mood in a new way, because the buff can be worn both as a headgear, and as a neck accessory, face mask.

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: gray
$ 40
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The ability to successfully select wardrobe details leaves an impression not only of one’s habit of following fashion trends, but also may show the character of a rebel, an innovator who is ready to bring new and beautiful to this world, expand borders and create new projects. At work, this style speaks of a willingness to develop new prospects and openness to business offers.

The Joyfactory online store offers summer buffs in a wide range, and everyone can choose their own exclusive option for any mood.

Buff Melange - the best choice for creating business and modern looks

Beauty and creativity are welcome in all areas of activity, including business fashion. If you add a bandage to a strict suit or vice versa - a summer sundress or tie Melange as a bandana - it will look very profitable and save from hot sunlight.

Buff Melange will become a real companion on short and long trips, it can be folded into a bag, put in your pocket. It can turn into a headscarf, headband, or serve instead of a bandage on the arm.

Where can I buy a buff inexpensively?

To buy a buff for your clothes, you need to look at its style and color. Melange is made in bright colors, so it is very versatile in black and white. Summer buffs:

  • made of high quality light microfiber;
  • easily transformed, and can serve instead of a scarf;
  • have a fresh interesting cut;
  • fiber density allows oxygen to enter the skin;
  • easy to wash.

Inexpensive buffs are worn for several seasons and are washable. It is easy to surprise employees with a new style, each time coming up with a new way for their expression. What will surprise a new accessory tomorrow is up to you. Flight of fancy - and no limits!