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Buff Dark Melange

Buff Dark Melange

Do you like fashion accessories, but at work you must follow the dress code? There is a way out - the Dark Melange buff will be a great addition to both everyday and holiday look, because the restrained dark gray color is always in fashion! In addition, a stylish buff can be worn in a variety of ways!

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: dark grey
$ 40
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The fashion industry does not stand still, precisely because every year new accessories and hats appear on store shelves. However, despite this, buffs have been in great demand among young people, as well as active women and men, for years. And contrary to popular belief, buffs are not only an indispensable accessory for athletes, but also a godsend for anyone who appreciates style and comfort.

Looking for a stylish buff at a bargain price? A large assortment of quality accessories from the Ukrainian manufacturer is presented in the Joyfactory online store. Buffs 5000 Miles are of excellent quality, creative design.

Buff Dark Melange - an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of every mod!

Wherever you go today, wherever you work, the trendy Dark Melange buff helps you create new, unique items every day. After all, one buff can be used in different ways: to wear as a bandage on the head, a mask on the face, bandana, hat, balaclava or scarf.

Thanks to the classic design, the Dark Melange buff is appropriate not only for hiking, training, walking around the city. You can safely put it on to work in the office, going to a restaurant, movie or theater. This is a stylish and convenient accessory, which is always welcome - both in the heat and in the cold.

Why shoppers choose buffs at JoyFactor

It is possible to buy a buff cheaply on the website In our online store a huge selection of buffs, hats, gloves and other accessories at a reasonable price.

Customers choose 5000 Miles buffs because they have tons of benefits:

  • high quality;
  • creative design;
  • universal size;
  • functionality;
  • practicality.

In order to look stylish and original it is always enough to have several models of summer and winter buffs in your wardrobe!