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Бафф Blotter

Бафф Blotter

Do not like to sit at home in the summer? Buff Blotter is a good companion for adventure seekers. Its main feature is that it is universal, flexible and suitable for any age. Buff colors - unisex. It can be carried to school, to a sports club, to work. Bikers and cyclists will like a bandage in strong winds.

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: purple, blue, light green
$ 40
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How to wear a summer buff? This is the most common headdress among Ukrainian fashionistas. There are many different designs that can be created from this simple, but very convenient little thing. All you need is a Blotter Buff with an interesting blue ornament. A purchase that your friends immediately want to show off. The main quality of the product is its ability to transform, turning it into that headdress that is needed at the moment.

If this model is already interested, then you can buy a Blotter buff on The order is made in almost one click, and in a short time you can enjoy your purchase

Summer Buffs - Feel Younger!

Feeling yourself at the very center of life processes is always easier. Having on hand cute items of clothing. Buff Blotter will give an excellent mood not only to the owner, but also to everyone around. It can be worn at rock concerts, in a club, and cyclists and bikers simply adore the buff. The branded product of the Ukrainian manufacturer is made of soft, breathable fiber.

Summer buffs - take a fresh look at life

A simple and small accessory will become a favorite and will be a good companion in all cases of life:

  • it will help express mood: it is enough to fold it into the form that more characterizes the current state of the soul;
  • easily tidied up and not particularly dirty;
  • can become a business card and be sure to please innovators and amateurs to experiment;
  • summer models are very thin and breathable, so they will not irritate even in the heat.

Buff is an original and good gift, especially if you have a trip to the sea. And although it is not picky and takes any form, it can always be washed and quickly dried in the sun if necessary. The coloring of this model is suitable for both dark clothes and light.