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Buff Polar

Buff Polar

Prefer a rich active lifestyle? Then the Polar buff is what you need! It is extremely warm and comfortable to use, in addition, it has a unique design. An incredible winter story: Eskimos, polar bears, walruses and ice, all this will certainly become the key to a good mood! Such an accessory will be an incredible gift!

Stock: Fleece Polar, microfiber (100% polyester)
Size: 85×24 см
Color: black, blue
$ 52
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At present, beauty, style and, of course, comfort are much appreciated. That is why in the wardrobe of every modern girl, a guy, there must certainly be a bright, fashionable accessory - a winter buff from the popular Ukrainian manufacturer 5000 Miles. It will not only create a good mood, complement the image in the cold season, but also warm it in severe frosts, with a piercing wind.

In order to have an impeccable appearance and feel easy and comfortable at any time of the year, it is enough to have several different models of summer and winter buffs in your wardrobe.

Why buy a Polar winter buff?

Bright, modern winter buff Polar has a unique design that attracts the eye and allows you to have a good mood even in inclement weather. The combination of rich blue, cyan, white and yellow makes the buff juicy and colorful.

Buff has an original design that will appeal to creative people, active youth and creative women and men. The buff is able to replace several accessories, since it can be worn as a neck accessory, hat, bandage, bandana, balaclava, wristband.

Composition and rules for care

Winter buffs have two layers:

  • the first, the outer one is made of modern material that absorbs moisture well, allows the skin to breathe, reliably protects from cold, wind;
  • the second is internal, made of fleece, which warms well even in twenty-five degree frost.

In order for the buff to serve faithfully for more than one year, if necessary, wash it in warm water with the addition of special detergents. Then you need to dry the accessory in a natural way. It is strictly forbidden to dry the product on central heating batteries, heaters.