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Бафф Pure Black

Бафф Pure Black

Love classic low-key shades, but always want to look stylish? Buff Pure Black is the perfect choice for modern men and women with conservative views on fashion. Elegant black color is appropriate everywhere - at work, in everyday life and with an active lifestyle. With a fashionable buff, there is nothing easier than staying always on top!

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: black
$ 40
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The value of comfort and convenience in the modern world is quite difficult to overestimate. Because buffs are in increasing demand among active young people, athletes and fashionistas. Stylish design, simple application and many different ways to wear the same accessory allow you to create a new original image every time. After all, a buff can be worn instead of a hat, face mask, bandana, scarf, balaclava or comforter.

The Joyfactory online store offers a large selection of fashion buffs that have a unique creative design at very affordable prices.

Buff - a stylish accessory for all occasions

Buff Pure Black has a modest, but at the same time very seasoned design, making it ideal for both a classic look and a fashionable, everyday wardrobe. A multifunctional bandage will allow you to create your own unique style, as well as experiment and combine the most diverse clothes.

Exquisite and at the same time strict buff is simply an indispensable accessory in the wardrobe of every modern girl, guy or held adult.

Why buy a buff?

Buffs of Ukrainian production 5000 Miles have many competitive advantages:

  • Stylish, carefully thought-out design;
  • universal size, suitable for both women and men;
  • use of high quality modern materials;
  • do not require complex care, dry quickly;
  • high functionality;
  • has no seams, therefore it does not cause rubbing, irritation;
  • high-quality microfiber promotes good ventilation, the removal of excess moisture;
  • affordable prices.

In order to always have the perfect look and be ready for any weather, just buy a buff designed for the summer and winter periods, and then any heat and bad weather will be nothing to you!