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Green 5000 Miles gloves

Green 5000 Miles gloves

Green is always associated with spring, warmth. Which is very opportune in the dull autumn and winter days. That's why Green 5000 Miles gloves will not only warm you up perfectly in the cold, but will also create a mood!

Stock: 60% wool, 40% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: green
$ 22
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Today, men and women in particular honor a harmonious combination of comfort and style. Gloves Green 5000 Miles will be a godsend in everyday life, and when hiking, traveling and walking around the city. They are made in a single size, but due to their high elasticity, they are universal and fit a graceful female palm, and a large men's one.

Gloves are lightweight and compact in size, so they fit perfectly in the jacket pocket, purse and backpack.

Gloves Green 5000 Miles - accessory designed for active people

The main highlight of the Green 5000 Miles gloves are the original fingertips: large, index and medium, made in a different color. They allow you to use touch devices without removing gloves.

The unusual coloring will allow you to create unique images, depending on which outerwear you will combine them with. Juicy green color harmonizes well with black, brown, burgundy and others. Due to the optimal ratio of wool and acrylic in the finished product, it does not prick, does not cause allergies.

Advantages of stylish knitted gloves

Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of gloves for every taste and color. However, it is not so easy to find the ideal option that will have a suitable design, size and will be convenient to use. However, the Ukrainian manufacturer 5000 Miles has created high-quality gloves at an affordable cost.

Key Benefits of Green 5000 Miles Gloves

• great quality;

• neat, even seams;

• original design;

• the ability to use devices;

• affordable cost;

• do not cause irritation and rubbing;

• easy to keep clean;

• dry quickly;

• perfectly keep heat.

You can buy Green 5000 Miles gloves inexpensively in the JoyFactory online store. The range includes a wide selection of accessories.