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Coffee 5000 Miles gloves

Coffee 5000 Miles gloves

Do not you think a day without your favorite devices? Then hurry up to buy Coffee 5000 Miles gloves that will allow you to use your favorite smartphone even in the cold! You will always stay in touch, and most importantly, you do not need to remove gloves from your hands.

Stock: 60% wool, 40% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: coffee
$ 22
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High-quality gloves are a faithful and reliable assistant to the autumn-winter period. There are times when, in order to create a unique image, people made any sacrifices long ago! Modern men and women, above all, appreciate the harmonious combination of style and comfort in everything: in clothes, shoes and accessories.

That is why gloves should always be carried with you, because they take up very little space in a bag, backpack or man purse. However, your hands will always be warm, and you will not get sick. In addition, gloves protect the skin of the hands from chapping, and as a result, from premature aging.

Who needs to buy Coffee 5000 Miles gloves?

The color of coffee is in special demand among boys and girls. He makes classic gloves an exquisite, stylish accessory that suits classic, sports and casual wear.

Gloves Coffee 5000 Miles will become a godsend for active people, during the morning runs in the cold season, on hikes and trips. They are also indispensable when walking around the city, for going to work.

Gloves are presented in a single universal size, and are suitable for women and men.

The main advantages of gloves

Gadget users will undoubtedly like this accessory. Since he is using his favorite tablet and smartphone even under freezing conditions.

Coffee 5000 Miles Glove Pros:

• consistently high quality;

• stylish design;

• affordable price;

• do not require additional care;

• allow you to use touch devices;

• dry quickly;

• warm well in cold weather.

You can buy gloves at a bargain price in the JoyFactory online store. Delivery within Kiev is carried out by courier, in Ukraine - by transport and postal services. The catalog presents a wide selection of accessories.