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Black 5000 Miles gloves

Black 5000 Miles gloves

Can't imagine yourself without extravagant, creative gizmos? A win-win option is, of course, Black 5000 Miles gloves. After all, black color is always beautiful, stylish and practical! Especially when it comes to stylish knitted gloves.

Stock: 60% wool, 40% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: black
$ 22
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Black 5000 Miles gloves are an ideal choice for athletes, people with an active lifestyle, urban residents. The product is suitable for both cool and damp autumn weather, and frosty winter days. Thanks to the combination of wool and acrylic, gloves perfectly warm frozen hands even in cold weather.

Accurate, and at the same time, tight knitting, provides high elasticity. Thanks to this, gloves are suitable for a fragile female palm and a large male hand. Lightweight and compact size, allow you to place the accessory in your jacket pocket, purse and backpack.

Stylish solution for modern people - gloves Black 5000 Miles

The main feature of the Black 5000 Miles gloves that makes them recognizable is the unusual fingertips, namely the large, index and medium, which are made in a different color. They allow you to use touch devices without removing gloves.

Black color allows you to experiment with images every day. After all, gloves of black color are perfectly combined with outerwear and headdresses of any color.

Why is it worth buying knitted gloves of Ukrainian production?

Among the wide variety of gloves and mittens on the Ukrainian market, finding the best option is not easy. Ukrainian brand 5000 Miles produces high-quality, stylish and at the same time very inexpensive models.

The main advantages of gloves Black 5000 Miles:

• use of quality materials;

• accurate, dense knitted fabric;

• smooth, strong seams;

• fashionable design;

• the ability to use gadgets;

• inexpensive price;

• easy care;

• practical;

• keep heat well.

You can buy Black 5000 Miles gloves in the JoyFactory online store. Our assortment presents a wide selection of accessories at affordable prices.