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Mount Red cap

Mount Red cap

Do you like to be always on the move and keep up with fashion? Take your Mount Red cap with you! The combination of snow-white and red colors with a perky pompom will make the image bright and expressive, will cheer you and others. And the properties of the material will provide warmth and comfort even in bad weather.

Stock: 50% wool, 50% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: white, red
$ 46
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In our climate, hats have become an indispensable element of a winter wardrobe. Their purpose is to protect the head from wind, frost, damp. Knitted hats of the Ukrainian brand 5000 Miles do a great job with these requirements. Soft and durable yarn consisting in equal proportions of wool and acrylic does not cause irritation and allergies, is pleasant to the touch. Smooth tight knit retains heat and creates comfort on a frosty day and autumn dankness.

Cap Mount Red - a stylish complement to the image and excellent protection from the cold

In the Mount Red header, it is simply impossible to go unnoticed. She will bring new colors to your image, make it more expressive and stylish. And the properties of the yarn and the structure of the canvas make it an indispensable companion for every day. Elastic straight knit ensures a good fit on the head of a sports guy and a fragile girl. The hat perfectly retains heat in frosty and windy weather. Daily wear does not affect the appearance. The product is well washed and dries quickly. Even after frequent washing, it does not lose shape, does not change size and does not fade.

Why choose a hat Mount Red

The Mount Red cap perfectly complements the fashionable image with bright colors and a stylish style. And it will become a favorite thing thanks to comfort and practicality.


• universal size;

• stylish design;

• suitable for young girls and boys;

• warms in autumn weather and in winter cold;

• soft and comfortable to wear;

• easily erases and dries quickly;

• does not change the appearance of daily wear.

The JoyFactory online store offers a wide range of Ukrainian-made accessories. Therefore, you can buy a Mount Red hat at a democratic and pleasant price.