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Hat Mount Orange

Hat Mount Orange

Youth fashion is distinguished by the courage of styles, styles and color combinations. Young and active guys and girls choose bright fashion accessories, such as the Mount Orange hat of the Ukrainian manufacturer 5000 Miles. It will become a decoration of the autumn-winter equipment and will protect the head from hypothermia in the cold and in the autumn slush.

Stock: 50% wool, 50% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: white, orange, black
$ 46
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In recent years, knitted hats have moved from the category of necessary things to fashion accessories and confidently hold their positions on the fashionable pedestal. The modern craving for the comfort of practicality has made them an indispensable attribute of the wardrobes of men and women of different ages. Since such a headdress is wonderful combined with fashionable jackets, parkas, coats and down jackets.

Cap Mount Orange will warm in the cold and decorate the winter wardrobe

The range of 5000 Miles caps provides the audience with a wide selection of styles and colors. Models are made from wool + acrylic yarn in equal shares. Because the products are durable, they do not change shape and size after daily use and washing.

Cap Mount Orange attracts an incredible combination of blue and orange. What will be the best addition to the image of an active and dreamy person. It doesn't matter who this guy or girl is. Moreover, due to the elastic knitting, the accessory has one universal size. And the properties of the material provide warmth and comfort in any weather.

Why would you want to buy a Mount Orange hat?

If you want to emphasize your identity and become the center of attention, you should buy a Mount Orange hat. This will give the image a new sound and will cheer you up and your surroundings.

After all, the model has a number of advantages:

• attractive design and original combination of colors;

• high quality of the material used;

• even dense knitting and high-quality seams;

• made in unisex style;

• is issued in a universal size;

• easy to clean;

• after washing does not change the size and shape.

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