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Buff Map

Buff Map

So that you never get lost - either in the labyrinths of your thoughts or in an unfamiliar city - we created the Map buff! Order a buff online, forget about the compass and star orientation!)

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: white, black
$ 40
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Fashionable buffs are not only a bright stylish accessory that allows you to combine various wardrobe items, experiment with images. The main objective of a multifunctional dressing is a practical function, because a buff can be worn in several different ways. The most popular options for using a buff are its use instead of a hat, headband, face and neck protection of a scarf, bandana, comforter, mask. In addition, the buff can be worn on the wrist instead of a wristband or tied with a tail, if necessary.

On the Joyfactory website you can buy a buff from the Ukrainian manufacturer 5000 Miles at a bargain price.

Map Buff Features

Buff Map has a unique, inimitable design - a world map is applied to the entire surface of the product. Thanks to the classic combination of black and white, the accessory will successfully complement any clothing combination. Buff will be a great solution for creating a daily look for going to work, a walk in the cinema and cafe.

The buff is made of high-quality modern microfiber, which provides good ventilation and removes excess moisture to the surface. The material is resistant to wear, does not fade, does not fade and does not roll during use. To keep the product clean, it is enough to wash it in cool water with the addition of detergents, dry it in fresh air.

Where can I buy a buff in Kiev?

The assortment of the online store presents a wide selection of buffs for every taste, color and budget. In order to buy a fashion accessory, you can leave an order on the website through the basket, call. Delivery in Kiev is carried out by courier, and to any city in Ukraine by transport services.

Stylish original buff will be the best gift for a friend, girlfriend, brother and loved one for any holiday.