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Baff Colorbar

Baff Colorbar

Colorbar buff - the enlightened Apollo himself, wore this buff when he flew around the earth on a chariot of fire, they say that since then, the buff is saturated with the spirit of a fine sunny day, and even when you are in it, it’s not so painful to bang your head against the heavens :)

Stock: Fleece Polar, microfiber (100% polyester)
Size: 85×24 см
Color: blue, red, orange, purple
$ 52
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Despite the fact that buffs appeared in our country not very long ago, they very quickly gained love and popularity among men and women. And this is not surprising because the accessory is capable of performing many functions, while being very light and compact. It can be worn as a hat, mask, headband, scarf, bandana, protection for the face and neck, balaclava, comforter. In order to be fully armed all year round, in any weather and time of day, you need to have several different models of buffs in your wardrobe. Stylish buffs of 5000 Miles are of high quality, practicality and affordable prices.

Bright and creative Colorbar buff is the key to success!

Buff Colorbar is an ideal choice for positive people who know a lot about fashion. Bright colors and unusual design will not only emphasize your personality, but also create a wonderful mood for others. In addition, the winter buff is soft and warm, it will warm you even in severe frosts, protect you from gusts of piercing wind and dampness.

Unlike summer models, the winter buff is made not only from microfiber, but also from fleece. And if the outer layer is designed to protect from weather conditions, then the inner one warms well, provided the air temperature is -25 ֯ C.

It is due to its functionality and versatility that buffs are a favorite accessory of active modern people who value comfort and know the value of money. A multifunctional bandage is useful for walking, morning jogging, while hiking, for riding a motorcycle, bicycle or snowboard.

The main benefits of the buff

Buff Colorbar is popular with customers because it has many advantages:

  • high quality;
  • reliability;
  • practicality;
  • unique design;
  • just leaving;
  • multifunctionality;
  • warm;
  • universal size;
  • suitable for both men and women.