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Baff Blue North

Baff Blue North

Buff Blue North - we have a story about an avid snowboarder who loves virgin lands so much that he collects 200 centners per hectare. The story seems to be about nothing, but it seems to be about a snowboarder;) Do you want extraordinary results? Buy the Blue North Buff!

Stock: Fleece Polar, microfiber (100% polyester)
Size: 85×24 см
Color: white, blue
$ 52
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Today, most young people prefer an active lifestyle, because in everyday life and clothes they choose comfort, practicality, functionality and style. By these qualities, buffs have become an indispensable attribute in the wardrobe of youth, adherents of sports and outdoor activities, followers of fashion trends. Buffs perfectly warm in the winter cold, while walking in the park, ice skating and skiing, sports. A stylish bright accessory can replace a warm and cozy scarf, a hat in several versions, it all depends on your imagination, comforter, balaclava, bandage.

Blue North Buff Composition and Characteristics

The Blue North winter buff is a win-win option for lovers of morning runs in any weather, seasonal sports, walks in city parks and just wanting to feel comfortable in the cold and wind. Active and fashionable women and men will like the original bright design in the style of the Norwegian ethnic group with national patterns and deer. Warmth and comfort is provided by two-layer manufacturing.

High-quality microfiber was selected for the outer layer - this elastic, breathable material removes moisture well from the surface of the skin, which is very important for maintaining heat. It accumulates the inner fleece layer. High-quality fleece has elasticity and warms even in frosts of 25 degrees.

Benefits of the Winter Buff:

  • High heat-shielding qualities. It warms and retains heat even in frosty and windy weather.
  • Versatility of the accessory. It makes it possible to wear it like a scarf, warm hat, bandana, comforter, headband, balaclava.
  • Universality. It is available in one size, but thanks to its elasticity it suits both fragile women and large men.

Stylish buff Blue North will give warmth and good mood in winter weather and sunny frosty day!