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Baff Flower Skull

Baff Flower Skull

Flower Skull Buff - In the early 1900s, William Harley and Arthur Davidson, the founders of the coolest motorcycle company Harley-Davidson Motor Company, found two buffs in the mountains. As it turned out, Flower Skull buff was the impetus for creating stunning iron monsters “Harley-Davidson”. Take a chance to buy a Flower Skull buff - get your heart on, push the gas!

Stock: Fleece Polar, microfiber (100% polyester)
Size: 85×24 см
Color: black, white
$ 52
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Winter buffs have recently gained incredible popularity among energetic young people who prefer to devote their free time to sports, outdoor activities. This is due to the versatility, practicality and functionality of the accessory. A soft, warm, elastic buff will give comfort in frosty and windy weather as a hat, its appearance will depend on your imagination, or a cozy scarf, comforter, balaclava, mask, bandana, headband, women's scarf, wristband. In addition to usefulness, these products are distinguished by their original catchy design and bright colors. Therefore, this thing will certainly be found in the wardrobe of a fashionista and a fashionista.

Flower Skull Buff Features

The creative design of the Flower Skull winter buff will make it a highlight of a fashionable image, add new colors, and emphasize originality. An unusual combination: a skull in flowers will appeal to extravagant and somewhat romantic people who want to be noticeable in any environment. A catchy and convenient accessory is simply indispensable for adherents of morning runs at any time of the year, athletes in training, lovers of dynamic team games, bikers. Two-layer manufacturing makes the product very warm and comfortable. Microfiber removes excess moisture, and the fleece accumulates and retains heat, which does not allow freezing even in 25 degree frosts.

Where to buy a quality buff in Kiev?

On the website of the Joyfactory online store, anyone can pick up and buy a buff that will become a stylish addition to the winter wardrobe and help create their own exclusive style.

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