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Buff Numbers

Buff Numbers

Never spare money for what you want! Want to buy a funky board - go ahead! If you want to live in your own home - save money! If you want to dress in expensive stores - change jobs! If you want to go on vacation abroad - go! Want to buy a universal scarf - buy the Number buff! Do not think "maybe ...", maybe not.

Stock: Fleece Polar, microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 85×24 см
Color: red
$ 52
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Do you like sports and have an active lifestyle? Then a comfortable and warm winter buff is exactly what you need! Due to its functionality, the buff will be able to replace such accessories: hat, balaclava, hair bandage, bandana, mask, cap comforter, face and neck protection. That is why the stylish and cozy 5000 Miles buffs are so popular among women and men.

Buff Numbers - the perfect solution for confident people!

Bright red buff Number with creative inscriptions and patterns will suit strong, confident and purposeful people. Juicy colors and unique design will cheer up not only the owner of the accessory, but also others. After all, what else, besides unusual accessories and bright colors, can please in dull weather in a gray concrete jungle?

Warm and cozy winter buff warms perfectly in cold weather thanks to the use of modern Fleece Polar material. Microfiber layer protects from piercing wind, cold and bad weather, and also allows the skin to breathe. Keeping the product clean is quite simple, you only need to wash the buff in warm water in manual mode if necessary, and dry it naturally.

Why do young people choose winter buffs?

Winter buffs are an ideal solution for jogging, sports training, as it can be used as a bandage on a head or scarf, and if it is temporarily not needed, then put on a wrist instead of a wristband. When traveling, hiking, the buff is simply irreplaceable, because it can be worn as a hat, protection for the face and neck, bandana. In addition, the product will help out in the autumn and winter, fans of sports, cycling, skateboards, snowboards, because you can wear it like a mask or hat.

The buff has no seams, therefore it does not cause discomfort during socks, does not rub and does not break. Due to its compact size and light weight, you can always easily take a product with you - put it in your pocket in your bag, backpack or dress like a wristband.