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Buff Flower Classic

Buff Flower Classic

Flower classic buff - once Leonardo da Vinci had a dream, waking up, he imprinted it on this buff, no one knows what exactly is depicted there, but it is known exactly what this buff was on Leonardo when he painted Mona Lisa. Buy a buff and it will become your talisman in all your discoveries.

Stock: microfiber (polyester - 100%)
Size: 70×24 см
Color: red
$ 40
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Convenient and easy to use buffs are in great demand among adolescents, active women and men. They are distinguished by high functionality, versatility and original appearance. The main purpose of buffs is to protect against cold wind, dust and sand, as well as from direct sunlight. And only then the buff is a stylish modern accessory that complements any look.

The Joyfactory online store offers a large selection of buffs from the Ukrainian manufacturer 5000 Miles. In contrast to imported analogues, buffs of domestic production are of consistently high quality at an affordable price.

Buff Flower Classic - emphasize your personality

The striking and unique design of the Flower Classic buff will not leave indifferent young fashionistas, confident girls and held ladies. Thanks to the rich coloring and unique colors, the buff will complement any image, allow you to combine different clothes. In addition, bright shades and a fantasy pattern will create an incredible mood in any weather.

The buff can be worn as a hat, mask, scarf, hairband, bandana, face protection, balaclava and balaclava.

Who should buy a buff?

Contrary to the generally accepted belief that buffs are needed only by athletes, they are a completely universal accessory that is suitable for modern women and men, youth. It is simply indispensable in everyday city life, with frequent business trips, traveling, fishing and hunting. In addition, the buff can be used instead of bandanas or scarves in the heat to hide from the scorching sun.

While riding quad bikes, playing paintball, laser tag, airsoft buff protect your face and neck from dust, sand and paint. In the same case, if the buff is temporarily unnecessary, they can easily tie their tail, wear a wrist instead of a wristband or put it in the pocket of a backpack, bag or can.