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Hat Basic Olive

Hat Basic Olive

Do you dream to combine fashion hit and comfort? This is quite real with the Basic Olive header. The original form and a pleasant olive color make it a successful addition to outerwear of any style and purpose. And most importantly - it is warm and comfortable in the cold and bad weather.

Stock: 50% wool, 50% acrylic
Size: universal
Color: green
$ 32
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We are used to the fact that hats accompany us all our lives. In the cold season, they protect the head from hypothermia. But today their role is much higher - they have become a sign of fashionable style. Therefore, a knitted hat has become an indispensable element of women's and men's stylish wardrobe. The manufacturers of these accessories offer hats of various shapes, styles and colors. So everyone can choose a model that fits in style and color without difficulty.

Basic Olive hat - create coziness and fashionable image

Fashionable knitted hat Basic Olive belongs to the unisex style. It is universal - suitable for men and women, combined with clothes of any style and color. The properties of wool and acrylic yarn make the model warm, soft and comfortable. Due to the elasticity of the thread and knitting, the hat is made in one size. In addition, it is easily erased, dries quickly, does not lose its appearance and its parameters from daily wear and washing.

Benefits of Basic Olive Caps

To feel comfortable and free in any cold, you should take care of suitable equipment - buy a Basic Olive hat. This will add fashionable notes to the image and make any cold fearless.

Features of the model:

• fashionable style and nice color;
• universal size;
• retains heat and allows skin to breathe;
• does not sit, does not stretch and does not fade after washing;
• combined with any outerwear;
• suitable for young boys and girls;
• nice affordable price.

In the JoyFactory online store, everyone will certainly find a hat of Ukrainian origin matching in style, color and price.