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In the modern progressive world no life without smartphones. But what about the cold season, when the sensor does not react the touch of frozen hands, as well as gloves? There is a solution - to buy coated gloves on your fingers from the Ukrainian manufacturer - 5000 Miles, which allows you to use modern gadgets. Besides, the gloves are very warm and elastic, that’s why will warm even in severe frosts.

Gloves, presented in the range of Joyfactory, are of high quality and durability.

The main advantages of gloves

Winter knitted gloves have an optimal composition of 60% wool and 40% acrylic, which provide high elasticity of products and wear resistance. It is due to the high content of wool gloves are excellent warm, even in extreme cold. To keep the accessory clean, it can be washed in lukewarm water by hand, it should be dried only in a natural way.

The main feature of gloves is the ability to always stay in touch, which is very important at the modern pace of life. After all, the lining on the fingers of the gloves allows you to freely use the smartphone.

Who are the 5000 Miles gloves suitable for?

Stylish and comfortable gloves have the same size, due to the high elasticity are suitable for both men and women. Exquisite white and classic black gloves are simply not interchangeable in everyday urban life, during work, and also on walks.

Gloves are suitable for active people who spend a lot of time in hikes, travels and sports. They do not take up much space, because they can easily be placed in a pocket, bag or backpack. In addition, gloves are a fashionable accessory, which in the right combination with the buff, cap and jacket will help to create an original image.