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Every year, buffs are becoming increasingly popular among men and women, due to their practicality and stylish design. Let's first understand what is a “buff”? This is a multi-functional modern headdress that is designed to protect against environmental factors such as wind, cold, sun.

Basic Buff Functions

Unlike caps, the buff is distinguished by its versatility and can replace several hats and neck accessories, which will significantly save space in the closet. It is enough to have several models of buffs in your wardrobe in order to feel comfortable in any weather and skillfully combine the accessory with clothes.

Buff can be safely used as:

  • a scarf;
  • hats;
  • masks;
  • bandanas;
  • headbands;
  • Wristband;
  • kerchiefs;
  • elastic bands for hair.

Variety of buffs in the Joyfactory assortment

Buff is an elastic seamless scarf made of synthetic or natural materials that pass air well, while maintaining heat. In order to be ready for any weather changes, just buy a summer and winter buff. The main difference between the winter version is a lining made of fleece, this accessory can be worn in cold weather up to 25 degrees and not be afraid to freeze. Joyfactory offers a large selection of buffs, bright, classic colors and with an original design. Among the presented variety, everyone will be able to choose the perfect model in color, design and cost.

Who should buy a buff?

Buff is a stylish functional accessory, therefore it is suitable for active men and women. It is simply irreplaceable during morning runs, led races and sports trainings. Buff reliably protects from cold, damp and wind during hikes and ascents to the peaks. To date, buffs have become an integral element of modern urban style, thanks to their fashionable design and practicality.

Buffs to buy in the Joyfactory store - the acquisition of a high-quality and stylish accessory at an affordable price.