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At the moment,buffs are very popular among Ukrainians, due to their practicality, versatility, and functionality. One of the most famous manufacturers in our country is Joyfactory.

Why do you need a buff?

Modern men and women prefer comfort and practicality, that is why buffs have become an indispensable accessory. After all, it is enough to have in your wardrobe several models of different colors that can complement any image. Buff can replace the beanie, scarf, and balaclava, thereby freeing up space in your closet. In addition, it will replace the bandana, wristband, and bandage - this is a stylish solution for all occasions.


Winter buffs are made of elastic and durable material - microfiber, which easily gives off water and allows the skin to breathe. The inner layer is made of fleece, which maintains the optimum temperature, even at 25 degrees of frost.

Basic rules for care:

  • the product must be washed by hand using laundry detergent or laundry soap;
  • for washing it is possible to use warm or cold water;
  • to dry the product must be in a natural way;
  • It is forbidden to dry the winter buffs on the battery or hair dryer.

Who should buy a buff?

Buff is the best choice for an athlete or a person leading an active lifestyle, as it can be used as a beanie, scarf, bandage or wristband. Winter buffs are simply indispensable in the cold season during hikes, trips, cycling.

The youth wears winter buffs instead of a beanies or scarf, and also uses them as a stylish accessory to complement the image and self-expression. A large variety of Joyfactory will allow everyone to buy the buff of the desired color, with the original pattern at an affordable price.