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Buff, what is it?

Buff is a seamless scarf that can be used as a beanie, balaclava, bandanna, scarf or wristband. Buffs have gained great popularity due to its versatility, convenience, and stylish design. The history of multi-straps / seamless scarves / Buffs / Buff began with the Spanish businessman Juan Rojas, who in early 1990, experimented on the design of his scarf, trying to improve it. The Spaniard managed to make the first seamless scarf, named after the company he worked for. To learn how to use this accessory, watch this video several times, repeating the movements of Miss Ukraine, then you can see how multifunctional the buff is. You can buy a buff on our website or from a distributor in your city.


Buffs are made of microfiber - durable elastic fabric, which perfectly gives off moisture, allows the skin to breathe. Winter buffs are made of microfiber and fleece - a warm material that can warm at low temperatures down to -25. Buffs are very convenient, won great popularity among many athletes, young people, and lovers of outdoor activities. Buff protects the skin from cold air, dust, and sunlight, so it is suitable in any weather.

How to properly look after the buff?

Buying a buff is just the beginning, for the bandage to retain its maximum functionality for a long time, it must be properly washed. Microfiber deteriorates when washing in a washing machine, it must be washed by hand. Buffs are easy to wash and dry quickly. It is not recommended to dry with a hairdryer or to dry on the battery.

Buff is very convenient and practical. Also, it is stylish and relevant, because we always keep track of what you like and create the appropriate designs.

If you still do not know where to start updating the wardrobe, we will tell you what is missing in it :)